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Announcement - 18 Oktober 2019
Dear users,

It has been a while since the last content update of EFTDB. There are multiple reasons for this, but it is mostly because of the current infrastructure of the website and the database. Updating the values and adding new items and attachments fittings was a lot of manual labour. The code for the website itself was very poorly written, and was not easy to maintain at a certain point.

This is why there is a new version of EFTDB in development. This update comes with a lot of exciting new things:
- Better performance and optimized network usage
- Easier to update the database content
- Easier to add new features and content
- Complete visual overhaul
- And much more...

A lot of you have offered to help with keeping the content up to date. It was kind of hard to do in the current situation, but hopefully there will be a opportunity to do so in the new system. Changes could be suggested directly through the website for items that have false or missing information.

A complete weapon modding tool will be present in Escape From Tarkov itself in patch 0.12. This will probably be much more usable than the current Weapon Modding Tool of EFTDB. For now I suggest that you use this new feature in game. However, a lot of you expressed that you love to use the tool while not playing the game. So the tool will be revamped and added to the new site as well. Hopefully it will be a huge improvement compared to the current version.

The most important thing is that the current website will be updated to the latest content patch, soon to be 0.12. Unfortunately, the new database will not be directly compatible to the current website, and rewriting pieces of the source code will be a waste of time. Therefore, the new website will be released as soon as the fundamental parts are ready, and more features will be added along the way. As for when it will drop, all I can say is soon™. I hope this will be in a couple of weeks.

Once again, my apologies for the delay. Thank you to everyone that still uses the site to this day. I hope to welcome you on the new website very soon.